Don’t Worry About It

January 22, 2010

Morning sun fills the Fox and Hound. Gary 1 and Gary 2 sit on bar stools. Their unfortunate clothes indicate that they are not busy or vital men.

BARTENDER: Alright, boys. I’m on the clock. What will it be?

GARY 1: Gin and tonic. No fruit.

GARY 2: Same here.

BARTENDER: Is well gin OK? Or are you celebrating?

GARY 1: Well’s fine.

The bartender scoops ice into two glasses and pours a generous serving of gin into each glass and tops them off with tonic. He slices a lime into wedges and slips the wedges on the rims of the glasses, and as he hands the men their drinks he realizes his mistake.

BARTENDER: You said no lime. Typical. I mess up the first drinks of the day. Here, I’ll take them off for you.

GARY 1: Don’t worry about it.

GARY 2: Yeah, don’t worry about it.

BARTENDER: You sure?

GARY 1: Yes.

GARY 2: Yes.

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