Swordfish Strung Up for an Ad

February 28, 2013


An acquaintance I saw on the train works for a magazine but is considering a move to ad work for the money but also because people in her office are over-qualified underachievers and she’d prefer to be around folks with more passion for their jobs.

Content people want more money and ad people want be content people but still make ad-people money, is what we agree on.

At work there is a rotting fish smell in the hallway and I look into a studio where a swordfish is strung up near a harpoon and there is a guy in Gorton’s Fisherman clothes posing for a camera.

I take a picture and consider sending it to her with the caption That swordfish sold out and look where it got him! but I lost her number in a phone-switch and don’t feel like asking around for it in order to send a picture of a fish, and there’s a chance she would think I’m trying to change her mind about her career, which I’m not, it’s just a thing people say, sold out, that doesn’t mean anything, and if I were sending it I would need to edit the caption and add something that indicates the fish was for an ad so she could make the connection to our conversation on the train, but the picture has not been sent, all is moot, let it be and move on.

Now there’s a girl we think is a hip-hop singer walking around the office saying, “Where’s the beer at?”




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