Never Fucked Before

November 29, 2012

Josie lives alone, except for a dove.

She shows the dove a teet.

The dove goes, “Pweet pweet!”

“Here’s a teet!”

“Pweet pweet!”

“Here’s a teet!”

“Pweet pweet!”

Teet, pweet, teet, pweet.

Now the Schwan’s man comes with ice cream.

Josie says, ”I’ma fuck today ha ha!”

The dove goes, “Pweet pweet!”

Josie says, “I’m so hungry for ice cream I could scream!”

The Schwan’s man says, ”Please do not scream! You will excite the dove and it will go pweet pweet! How irritating!”

Josie says, “I would also be irritated by the dove going pweet pweet! We would be irritated together! Both of us together!”

The dove goes, “Pweet pweet!”

Josie says, ”I never fucked before!”

“Pweet pweet!”

Josie says, “Have you fucked!”

The Schwan’s man says, “Yes! I have fucked two gals!”

Josie says, “Who were the gals you fucked!”

“I paid to fuck a bedouin whore in Iraq! I was hopped up on army pills! Sue me if you want!”

“You were brave to be a soldier! Who was the other gal!”

“Cheryl Holstein. She lives here in our town. We fucked in her laundry room and then we ate a gallon of Schwan’s chocolate ice cream. That ice cream was for someone else! I was almost fired ha ha!”

“I love Schwan’s ice cream!”

“Cheryl Holstein will not leave her husband for me!”

“What is it like to fuck!”

“So good!”

“I never fucked before!”

“I know ha ha!”

“I would like ice cream right now!”

“I miss Cheryl Holstein so much!”

Josie shows a teet. The dove goes, “Pweet pweet!”

Teet, pweet, teet, pweet.

“Pweet! Pweet! Pweet! Pweet!”



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