I Am Satisfied With the Way the Editor of Chihuahua Connection Magazine Published My Poem

October 5, 2010

After the editor of Chihuahua Connection magazine botched my poem back in March, I said I would never again submit to the publication. But I am a vain man. I enjoy few things more than seeing my name in print. So I submitted another poem and it was accepted for publication in the September/October issue.

My first poem was published in the Brag Book section. Brag Book is where the editor publishes anything readers send her about their dogs, no matter how idiotic it is. Real artistic work is not published in Brag Book. This time my poem ran in the actual magazine alongside a poem by Teri Wilson, author of the column “Chihuahuas Are Better Than Facelifts,” which won the Pet Sitters International Humor Award for best dog-humor writing in 2009. One day I too will win this award.

I will be submitting more work to Chihuahua Connection in the future.



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