Shower Prank

September 7, 2010

Our family friends the Derricks lived in an old apartment in Cleveland with strange plumbing: the shower was in the kitchen. We always thought it was adorable because if Mrs. Derrick was cooking while Mr. Derrick was showering they could keep each other company. And when Mrs. Derrick showered Mr. Derrick would sometimes boil an egg and they would chat with each other. One day Mrs. Derrick decided to play a prank on Mr. Derrick. She filled a cup with cold water and dumped it into the shower to startle him. He was very startled. He was so startled that when he turned away from the water he slipped and fell and cracked his head open on the faucet. The paramedic said it was a horrific accident. Mrs. Derrick replied that indeed it was horrific. Mr. Derrick died in the hospital. Mrs. Derrick doesn’t shower in the kitchen anymore but rather at the YWCA on Euclid Avenue. To her knowledge she is the only murderer showering there.



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