Yellow Springs

August 13, 2010

Yellow Springs: artsy town, good for hiking, good for looking at goofy folks. Get a slice of whole wheat pizza at Ha Ha Pizza and then go for a hike in John Bryon State Park and find a spring. The village is called Yellow Springs because the water in the springs is so full of iron that it turns rocks yellow. Cup your hand and dip it into the water and drink. The water tastes like blood. If one of your friends brought pot then now would be a good time to smoke it. Walk away from the other hikers and find a secluded spot. This shouldn’t be hard to do because chances are, the other hikers are trying to walk away from you and find their own secluded spot to smoke pot. After you smoke drive back into town and browse the record shops, but be careful. One time our friend Mike chatted up the dude who worked at the record shop and the dude convinced Mike to buy four CDs, two by a local band called Romance of Young Tigers and two by a German jazz piano player whose name I can’t remember. Each one cost fifteen dollars. On the drive home we played a Romance of Young Tigers CD and Mike said he was in love with it but we knew he was just saying that because he’d spent his money on it. We also played the German guy’s CDs, which were recorded live and the sound wasn’t good. Mike said it was cool that the sound wasn’t good because it was raw but, again, we knew he was just saying that because he was the one who spent the money.

Yellow Springs: good for hiking and good for pizza, but don’t let those dudes in the record shops tell you which CDs to buy.

Yellow Springs is home to Antioch College, which was a bastion of progressive politics and free thinking until it closed in 2008 due to lack of money.



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