The Y Bridge

July 14, 2010

The Y Bridge in downtown Zanesville was built in 1814 to span the confluence of the Licking and Muskingum Rivers. It’s shaped like the letter Y so if you enter on the east side of the Licking River and veer to the left you’ll cross the Muskingum and end up on the same side of the Licking that you started on. Veer to the right and you’ll cross the Licking and end up on the same side of the Muskingum that you started on.

Gahanna Jazz Camp, July, 2001. I befriend a crew of theater kids from Zanesville: Marcus, Evan and Tara. All three are singers, and Marcus and Evan seem gay when they sing. I ask Tara if they are and she assures me they aren’t. She says, I think I would know, if you know what I mean. And I did know what she meant. I say, I could drive you home one day if you would want that. And she says, Evan always drives us, but thanks anyway, but if you want to come hang with us in Zanesville sometime, you’re welcome to. For whatever reason I never go hang with them in Zanesville but Tara and I exchange AIM names. Cut to:

Fri Nov 23 15:01:25 2001

-What’s up?

-Nothing much. I just got a trampoline, you should come over and jump on it.

-Yes I should.

-We could do more than jump on it.

-Oh my. Won’t your boyfriends mind?

-Boyfriends? Evan and Marcus? That nightmare is over.

-What happened, you guys were so tight.

-It’s a long story.

-I love long stories.

-So at first I was having sex with Marcus and it’s nice. And then Evan says he wants to have sex with me too and I’m like, yeah I want to too and I ask Marcus if he’d be cool with that and he says he would be. So I have sex with Evan. Just once. Well, two times in one day. I tell Evan that’s it, nada mas, I want to be with Marcus. Evan asks Marcus if he could have sex with me again and Marcus says he doesn’t care as long I keep having sex with him. But I don’t want to have sex with Evan again. I only want to have sex with Marcus. But I don’t tell Evan this because I’m Evan’s best friend and he’s really sensitive because he used to live in a foster home. So Evan and I have more sex and it gets really weird because Evan writes all these songs about me and my legs for our band. I have great legs.


-Yeah. So Marcus quits the band but, according to him, it’s not because he’s pissed about Evan having sex with me but rather because he wants to record some solo stuff that’s weirder than the stuff me and Evan like to play. Evan and and I are like, fine, we’ll keep playing without you, and we do and we actually get pretty good, way better than we were when Marcus was in the band. We get a new bassist and we play a few parties. This whole time Marcus and I are still having sex, and it’s better, filthier sex than the sex I’m having with Evan. Here’s where it gets weird: At this one girl’s Halloween party all of us are drunk in the backyard and we dare Evan to touch Marcus’ dick. And he does it. And then he gives Marcus head for a minute, right there in front of four other people. They wouldn’t tell me but I think they fooled around a few times after that but then they had a nasty falling out over God knows what. The next week Marcus shows up to our band practice all drunk and he starts hitting Evan in the head with a tennis racket. Evan runs away. Marcus tells me that he’s not gay and that he loves me and he’ll love me forever if I quit the band and stop having sex with Evan. I say, Go home, you’re drunk. Marcus threatens to kill himself. I say, Fine, I’ll quit the band, just to get him to settle down. He tries to have sex with me right then and there on my driveway and I’m like, yeah, I’m game, but let me get a pop first and I go inside and call Marcus’ mom and tell her what’s up and a few minutes later she shows up all pissed about Marcus being drunk and makes him come home. Evan comes back to my house all bloody-faced and tells me that he’s probably gay and that he doesn’t love me like I love him and he probably never will. I go a little berserk, because what the fuck, right? We all agree that we shouldn’t see each other for a long time, maybe never again. And this is what we did: we met in the middle of the Y Bridge. You know what that is?


-We met in the middle of the Y Bridge. We hugged for a while and said we’re sorry for everything. Each of us chose one part of the Y to exit on and we turned around and walked out of each others’ lives forever. We still see each other at school sometimes, so it’s not like we never see each other. But we needed a certain form of ending. Man, that walk became a complete personal drama.

That Sunday I drive to her house and toss her around on that trampoline.



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