Medium Most Of The Time

May 15, 2010

I had an extra ticket to the Hello Surf show so I posted “Who wants a ticket to Georgia’s show tonight?” Z was the only person to reply.

[In the back of the room, beers in hands, the dudes bob along to “You Are Good.”]

-She sounds great tonight.

-Yeah she does. We used to go out.


-It was cool. Until it wasn’t, if you know what I mean.

-I do.

-I practically wrote this song, too.

-Oh yeah?

-Yeah. I mean, I would never ask for money or credit or anything. Knowing is enough.

-I kinda feel the same way about my shirts.

-I meant to say, I really like your shirts. And your website. The one with the big old computer is really good.


-The what?

-ENIAC. E. N. I. A. C. The first computer, built in 1946 or ‘47 or ‘48 or whatever.

-‘48 sounds right. So how do you make them?

-The shirts? A company does it for me.

-That’s awesome.

-And you design them?

-No, this guy I used to live with does.


-You want one?

-A shirt?

-Yeah, you want an ENIAC shirt?

-For free?


-Sure, thanks.

-Well, not totally free. How about a free shirt for Georgia’s phone number?

-Dude. No.

-Come on, why not?

-You can find her online if you want.

-That’s too creepy.

-And giving her ex a free ENIAC T-shirt in exchange for her phone number isn’t?

-She doesn’t have to know about the shirt.

-Are the shirts comfy?


-For real?

-For real. People pay thirty bucks for these. What size are you?

-Medium most of the time.

-Medium it is.

[Both dudes do a phone-check.]

-Does she like to be called Georgia or Hello Surf?

-Hello Surf is the band, Georgia is the person. At least I think so.

-It’s hard to tell sometimes.

-Yeah. Like, Pictureplane: band or person?

-Who knows?

[Both dudes do a phone-check.]



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