I Could Have Spent More Time On Her

May 13, 2010

Luke and Dr. Philbin are sitting on the driveway near the bobber. There is a case of Bud between them.

Philbin: Beer?

Luke: Yes, please.

[He hands him one and Luke opens it.]

Luke: Am I drinking alone here?

Philbin: I don’t drink beer. So I’m glad I came over. Looks like you need help with her.

Luke: She’s coming along OK I think.

Philbin: Coming. Along. What’s this stuff?

Luke: That’s bug and tar remover.

Philbin: Right. The old bug and tar. Bug. And. Tar. So. Let’s get to it!

Luke: OK.

Philbin: What are we working on today?

Luke: Cleaning the exhaust tube.

Philbin: Cleaning. The. Exhaust tube. Righteous.

[Philbin picks up the bug and tar and the rag and begins cleaning the exhaust tube.]

Philbin: She is quite the fixer-upper, isn’t she?

Luke: Yup.

Philbin: She’s a beaut, though. A rugged beaut. I suppose I could have spent more time on her.

Luke: Guess so.

Philbin: Hey. You know what you should do?

Luke: What?

Philbin: Once you get her in fighting shape, you should get some boots. For riding.

Luke: You think so?

[Philbin puts down the bug and tar.]

Philbin: Oh yeah. Get some Alpinestars. Those are the good ones.

Luke: Alp—what?

Philbin: Alpine. Stars. One word. You got a pen?

Luke: Yeah.

[He hands Philbin a pen]

Philbin: Paper?

Luke: No, but I could go inside–

Philbin: Give me your hand.

[Philbin writes Alpinestars on Luke’s hand.]

Luke: Thanks. Did you, or do you, have Alpinestars?

Philbin: Nah. I have Golden Geese.

Luke: Are those good too?

Philbin: Golden Geese are the best. Mine cost four hundred dollars, and that was in 1982. In today’s money that’s at least eight hundred. How about this: you buy them off me for six hundred.

Luke: I don’t think I need the best.

Philbin: They’re practically brand new.

Luke: I’m not even sure I need boots. And what size are you?

Philbin: Oh, you need boots. But don’t think it’s all ABOUT the boots. Because it’s not.

Luke: Right.

Philbin: It’s about the…

[Philbin picks up the dirty rag and stares into it.]

Luke: What?

Philbin: What?

Luke: What’s it about?

Philbin: That is for you to figure out. Hey-o!

[Sarah comes outside with a can of Bud and a cocktail.]

Sarah: Who wants some… oh, you already have your beer.

Philbin: Luke’s taken care of, but I could use some medicine.

[Sarah hands her dad the drink.]

Sarah: Look at my men. Working hard, getting dirty. I love it.

[She goes inside. Luke picks up the bug and tar and cleans.]

Philbin: Another thing to start thinking about: your jacket.

Luke: I actually have been thinking about the jacket.

Philbin: Good. You know what? It’s Golden Goose.

Luke: What is?

Philbin: The boot. Goose. Not Geese. I was saying Golden Geese but it’s actually Golden Goose.

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