I More or Less Wrote That Song

April 9, 2010

Having a famous ex-girlfriend is the worst. Georgia and I broke up two years ago and since then she’s started the band Hello Surf and their song “You Are Good” is everywhere. They play it at the Fear nightly and Fay likes to listen to it and sing along before she punches out on Fridays. It’s never not in my head, which wouldn’t be so bad if it weren’t written in the second person. The chorus is: You are so good, but I know how it is. The you is me. I know that because when she wrote the lyrics we were lying on the floor in her room and I said, You are so good, but you know how it is, which was my way of saying that we have fun together but we aren’t going to work out for the long haul. And she said, Yeah, you’re good too, but I do know how it is, and I’m going to write a song about it. I was thinking, That’s a terrible idea for a song, but I humored her and showed her some changes — G to E and back to G and back to E and then C to D and back to C and back to D — and she ended up using them. I more or less wrote that song and now that I hear it nonstop it’s like she’s constantly telling me that she thinks I’m good but doesn’t think we should be together. And yes, we were good together (and yes, I am good) but she was just high most of the time. Everything was good so even if something wasn’t good it would still seem to be good. One time she was so high before a show I had to string her guitar for her and then I went out for White Castle and when I came back she had taken off the strings. I said, Why did you do that? She said the strings were dirty and needed to be replaced and giggled for a minute. The strings weren’t dirty, we’d bought them earlier that day. Well, I bought them and she still owes me eight dollars for them.

I wouldn’t mind having the song in my head if the lyrics were more interesting. Here they are:

The world is hard, so don’t tease me.

Yeah it’s good that you’re easy.

Yeah it’s good that you’re good and easy.

Yeah it’s good that you’re good and easy.

You are so good, but I know how it is.

Momma said, Take the good ones, leave the hard ones.

The world is hard enough as it is.

That’s it. Except for the very end when she says “I can’t sleep without you” four times. And that’s not even true. I couldn’t sleep without her. In the morning she couldn’t wait for me to go to work so she could prop her head on all four of her pillows and smoke a bowl or two and watch DVR’d episodes of CBS Sunday Morning. She loved (still loves?) those antiquated graphics.

It would be worse if she still lived here and I had to see her being famous in addition to hearing her being famous. Thankfully New York winters give her the weepies. Weepies is her word. She claimed that because she was from California she had no understanding of winter and that she couldn’t relax in New York. Last November she moved back home to LA but she’s back in town every so often.

This weekend she’s here to shoot the video for “You Are Good” and she texted me about helping and I said yes. We’re on good terms now and it’d be weird if I declined. I suggested that the video should be the story of how we wrote song, so it’d be me (or I guess an actor playing me) and her lying on the floor in her bedroom and I’d be wearing my Schoolhouse Rock T-shirt and she’d be in her PJs. We’d be eating White Castle and I would say, Hey, you are so good, but you know how it is and she would take out her guitar and sing, The world is hard, don’t tease me. So it’s good that you’re easy. I was thinking we could also have a scene in which I string her guitar and at one point she’ll spill orange juice on my shoe. In real life she spilled Diet Coke but I’m thinking orange juice would be better for the video.

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