I Am Dissatisfied With the Way the Editor of Chihuahua Connection Magazine Published My Poem

March 17, 2010

I have two problems with the way the editor of Chihuahua Connection magazine published my poem, “My Chihuahua, Letter By Letter.”

Problem No. 1: My original submission was formatted as an acrostic of the word Chihuahua. Words beginning with the letters C, H, I, H and so on were supposed to be on the left margin. The editor did not publish it this way. In the published version (see below) the word Irrational is capitalized in the middle of the second line and Understand is capitalized in the tenth line. This makes no sense whatsoever.

Problem No. 2: The poem appears in the Brag Book section, which is on the inside of the back cover. Anyone with a chihuahua and an internet connection can get their shit in Brag Book. My poem is a thoughtful piece of work that I ruminated over, executed, and then workshopped with three poet friends. It’s not merely a product of my own vanity (I’m looking at you, Cynthia Regaldo of Hacienda Heights, Calif.).  I was hoping for a half-page spread, ideally in the front of the book with the chihuahua comics.

I will not be submitting to Chihuahua Connection in the future.

And here’s a description of a bewildering comic by Ross Bunch that ran in the March/April issue:

Panel 1
Two chihuahuas are looking at something and one says to the other, “Oh, Oh. Your brother has become the Easter Chihuahua.”

Panel 2
Close-up of a third chihuahua. He’s carrying an Easter basket with his mouth. He says this: “Yes, the Easter Chihuahua has eggs for all.”

Panel 3
Panel 3 features two prairie dogs. One of them has its arms around an Easter egg. The one with the egg says, “So what do we do with this thing, Marge?” The other prairie dog says, “Chihuahuas love we prairie dogs too?”

I don’t understand how this comic ran on a better page than my poem.



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